While some of our services are available “a la carte,” we do our best work when combining multiple services, or when acting as a fractional founding team for your product or service by simply handling it all for you.

Project Advisory & Consultation

Whether you need help integrating AI, navigating the web3 landscape, building a SaaS, or simply solving a challenge unique to your company, our experience in applying technology towards solutions will give you a fresh perspective on how best to get started.

"When we started Nemus, we didn’t know what we didn’t know. Volum8 was very patient with us and articulated web3 concepts in ways we could understand. We learned so much through the process!"

Flavio de Meira Penna

Founder, Nemus Earth Nemus

Project Scope Discovery

Every great idea starts somewhere. Our discovery process is designed to identify and define what your project needs to succeed. It is an integral first step for every project we take on, but also available as a stand alone service, where you can take our blueprint anywhere.

"The most important part of Discovery is knowing what you’re going to do, but also, what you’re not going to do."

Nick Sardino

COO, Volum8 Creative About

Branding & Copywriting

We’ve created dozens of brands and narratives for new products and services and often find it to be a key part of any larger project. While we don’t typically offer branding or copywriting as standalone services, it’s important to note that we’re no strangers to helping clients capture their vision, visually and with the written word.

"We now have a brand that reflects us as a team and a beautiful, website to match. Volum8’s talent is unmatched, and we’re so thankful for them! If you’re looking for a team that “gets it,” look no further."

Alana Goldstein

Co-Founder, G5 Agency G5 Agency

Prototyping & UI/UX Design

People have expectations when it comes to navigating apps and websites, and good design is intuitive. It meets those expectations, invisibly. It simply works. We geek out pretty hard on UI/UX, IA, and wireframes and understand what it takes to simplify a web experience and make it enjoyable.

"Designing a collaborative hub for members, coaches, and admins was a massive challenge. Volum8’s iterative approach to wireframing and UX design resulted in an awesome experience for all users on any device, which ultimately enhanced, rather than replaced, the human connection."

Mike Doehla

Founder, Stronger U Stronger U

Software & Web App Development

Custom builds are at the heart of what we do. We are industry and tech stack agnostic and pride ourselves in building to spec. Whether an MVP or a full-blown SaaS platform, the apps we build are intuitive, bulletproof, and built to solve specific challenges.

"Volum8 took our concept and built us an end-to-end solution we could manage with no code. They were forward-thinking, anticipated (and avoided) risks, and solved the hard problems for us. I would not hesitant to hire this team again to kick start, augment or help with creative tech solutions from concept through live ops."

Virginia McArthur

EVP Executive "VA" Producer at Baobab Studios

Application & Website Support

We stand by everything we build and with the right processes and people in place, we keep your app and/or websites performant and secure. We also help train and handoff projects once the time comes so that you’re never dependent on just us.

"Aden Brook’s custom web application (developed by Volum8) is central to operating our businesses, and Volum8 keeps it running in top-top shape. In the rare case where we encounter an issue, Volum8’s engineers are highly responsive. Their collaboration with end users to understand, diagnose, fix, and verify the update always gets us back up and running quickly."

Cosmos Fitzpatrick

President, Aden Brook Aden Brook