We always do our homework first.

Our process, no matter the project, begins with discovery. We engage our clients with insightful questions, challenging them to dig deeper and define who they are. Everything we do after, whether it be designing a logo or building an app that saves the world, depends on the strategies we craft at the start.


Our custom apps are built to last.

Award-winning apps aren't easy. They demand preparation, transparency, and trust in the team. Every app build offers its unique challenges, some of which cannot be avoided even with the most detailed strategy, and we've learned at Volum8 how to handle these situations. Our clients are part of our team and are offered the same support we offer each other: constant communication and consistent availability. We only offer white-glove service. We don't know any other way.


We grow brands from the ground up.

We're a privileged bunch; we've worked on some amazing brands over the years, both new and old. These brands have gone on to great futures, inspiring companies to own their cultures, and encouraging customers to connect on a more personal level. While we approach every project with fresh eyes, we keep one keystone in place – we listen first. It would be rather arrogant of us to think we know more about your brand than you do. Our first job, and perhaps most important job, is to find out who you are. Only then can our designs be successful.


We hand-grind and only serve the best sites.

We cut our teeth on website design and development, and while these days we tend to create sites as asides to application builds, or as frameworks for new brands, we continue to push the edge. Our sites are fast, responsive, easy-to-update, accessible, and made to work. We do not operate from themes, but custom build every site in Wordpress. We don't believe in adding junk to the world, and every site we build is meant to impress, offer a focused solution, and connect with visitors.


Accessibility isn’t an option, it’s a responsibility.

We take building accessible and ADA-compliant products very seriously here at Volum8, which is why we go into every project expecting to deliver a WCAG AA compliance rating. Part of our vision as a company is to leave the world a better place, and we believe this might be the greatest way we can do that.