"Volum8 totally got us. Our fear was that our "feel" wouldn't come through in our logo, but the V8 team proved it was possible. The style guide is a huge help, allowing us to brand consistently. The website is beautiful and we have had nothing but rave reviews."

Eric Goldstein

Founder of G5 Agency Eric Goldstein picture


Who is G5 Agency?

The most difficult task with G5 Agency was helping them define who they were. This is common in branding projects. Usually either a company has lost sight of who they were that got them where they are today, or are brand new and have never defined themselves. But there also companies who have matured and have expanded their visions. G5 Agency was such a company. The challenge here was to help them focus their ambitions. We did this through conversation and tools such as internal surveys, questionnaires, and envision future challenges.

Logo Design

Bringing all the character into one mark.

After an extensive discovery phase, and having defined the brand voice and character, we moved into logo design. While we explored different directions, we eventually returned to the combination ‘G5.” The shapes of the letters had the right feel, with soft curves that reflected the warmth of the G5 team, and a flow and connectedness that reflected how they communicated with customers. After several iterations we finally hit upon a mark that had everyone excited. It felt like the entirety of the G5 personality and vision had merged into one symbol.

The color of G5's character.

After settling on a mark, we moved into color. We knew from the start that color would play a huge role with translating the G5 brand. Utilizing only letterforms, without the aid of a more literal mark, emphasized the importance of color. We spent considerable time with the G5 team discussing the archetype of the company, and relied on findings from discovery to validate our intuition. Eventually we came to a color that felt fresh, vibrant, and raised the mark to another level. After typography was considered and added, a final logo was born.

"We have a lot of fun when we do archetype studies for brands. Something we did specifically for G5 was associate a celebrity. We came up with James Stewart, the affable actor from It's a Wonderful Life. It helped to give a face and voice to the brand that we all could recognize."


Volum8 designer Joe picture

Website Design

Revealing the G5 brand to the world.

Finally, after a full discovery phase and a successful brand engagement, we concluded the project by designing and developing a custom website for G5 Agency. The site brought everything together. The voice of the brand came through the warm copy. The colors were utilized against a white background, making them appear even more crisp and vibrant. Images were chosen that were inviting and reflected the hometown, neighborly feel of the agency. And because the team at G5 Agency is small and we know how days get busy, we assured that the site was easy to update and clear tutorials were given after launch. Like all of our client relationship, we promised we’d always be here if G5 Agency needed us. We’re certainly grateful for the partnership.