7,000+ orders

Application transactions

3,946,312 bales

Amount of hay delivered

163,047 tons

Weight of hay delivered

1,482 blue whales

in weight of hay delivered

Our solution

Hay there, Aden Brook.

The Aden Brook app transformed a traditional business model into an integrated, efficient system meant to manage the entire chain of Aden Brook processes. The app is custom designed to meet the company’s goals both now and in the future. It allows vendors across the United States to sell their product to Aden Brook, and eventually will connect customers directly to Aden Brook.

An app built for efficiency.

Perhaps the greatest challenge we faced with the Aden Brook app was a shortened project timeline. Lacking the tools they needed to reach the next level, we were tasked with delivering a usable app in weeks rather than months. We structured a lean project timeline built on goals that would be of highest value to Aden Brook, with the flexibility and foundation to extend the app’s capabilities later. The app became a growing organism, adaptable and evolving as the company grew.

The Future

Stacking the future in Aden Brook's favor.

As of early 2021 our relationship with Aden Brook continues, as we continue to support and evolve the app’s capabilities, and empower the client toward a strong future.