The need for a good bedside manner.

In discovery, we quickly found that warmth and character was sorely lacking from other entries in the tele-health industry. Too often brands sacrificed personality for sterility, fearing lack of confidence in a logo or color palette that strayed too far from that “hospice” feel. But meeting the MonitorMe™ team and learning about their goals for the product, we quickly realized that cold and sterile was far from who they were, or who their customers wished for them to be. Our research, which included numerous survey and extensive comparative analysis, directed us toward the Caregiver archetype, and brand character that embodied a wise, gentle, calm and soft-spoken demeanor. Clearly the MonitorMe™ brand would need a good bedside manner.

Advising on the brand direction.

To conclude the discovery phase we delivered a document with initial advice on tone of voice, style, logo and web designs. While mindful of the legality and clarity required by a healthcare company, we advised that the MonitorMe™ brand seek a deeper, emotional connection with the customer whenever possible. Most competing brands and industry peers kept a safe distance from interacting with the customer, instead talking about the success of their product or hyping their own company. We suggested humility, instead speaking from a place of empathy with the families struggling with health emergencies and aging family members. This intimacy could be shown in copywriting, by using words like “you” and “us.” The quality and knowledge of the brand would best be touted with clean design through the logo, website and packaging, using a minimalist color palette and simplistic typography. These approaches more closely aligned with the values of those who worked at MonitorMe™, as well as the archetype of Caregiver.

Logo Design

A symbol for a calm, strong industry leader.

We found that most in the tele-health space used conventional, ordinary concepts with their logo marks. There was little meaning or story behind the marks, even in the most complex of logos we analyzed. With intentions to become the preeminent “cutting-edge,” “innovative” and “progressive” company in the tele-health industry, MonitorMe™ was best suited for a clean, minimal logo mark, but we could find our story through personification, such as with an animal. After extensive brainstorming and conversation with the MonitorMe™ team, we felt a lion might be the ideal option. Our early sketch work went this direction.

"You'd be surprised how little it takes to turn a lion into a dog, sometimes just the angle of a line. We love dogs here at Volum8, but we weren't sure MonitorMe™ would appreciate Clifford the Big Red Dog monitoring their customers."


Volum8 designer Joe picture
Bringing the heart to the lion.

Finally we agreed on a final logo direction. One unbroken line created the body and head of a lion, reflecting all the core values of MonitorMe™. All excess curves were eliminated, bringing simplicity to the form, expressing high quality and trust. The tail was made from the shape of a heart, the location where the technology was to be worn a reference to the monitoring of the heart. The lion sits calmly, waiting, always on watch. We began to refine the logo, perfecting the symmetry of the shapes and balance. We intentionally kept the logo black-and-white during this stage, allowing the MonitorMe™ team easier decisions as we moved ahead.

Coloring inside the lions.

As we began to finalize the MonitorMe™ logo, we also explored color and typography. We wanted a simple palette for the brand, as we knew the shape needed to be functional and adaptable across digital platforms. Green was chosen as the primary color for its association with healing and calmness. We introduced warm grays to compliment the green, to give the color more depth and a solid footing. For typography, we chose Lato, a simple, easy-to-read sans serif that is available across many devices. The font weight of the typography was chosen to mimic the lines of the logo mark, and the rounded ends of Lato played well with the round ends of the lion stroke. 

Introducting the MonitorMe™ logo.
Finally we arrived at a final logo, colored, and delivered in various dimensions and lockups for the MonitorMe™ team to use as they wish. The logo exceeded expectations; their team and customers having found something to remember, an emotional symbol that meant more than just a color or shape. We were delighted with how it turned out.

"MonitorMe™ provides the best of concierge medicine, integrating state-of-the-art technology into the home, allowing patients to age comfortably in their own environment.”"

Anthony J. Bacchi, M.D.
Founder of MonitorMe™  picture

Collateral & Packaging Design

Bringing the brand into the world.

We designed multiple pieces of print, digital and packaging materials for MonitorMe™. Knowing we eventually would hand the design responsibilities to them, we worked closely with their staff to ensure they knew how to replicate and expand on our work. We also delivered a brand styleguide, which could serve as reference for their team and a reminder for consistency going forward.

Website Design

A warm welcome for the MonitorMe™ customer.

We also designed and developed a custom, e-commerce website for MonitorMe™. This engagement itself, while not expanded upon here, took months, including its own discovery, design and development phases. Our developers spent considerable time working alongside the MonitorMe™ team to create a custom, secure form experience that led a potential customer to the exact kit they required for their health conditions. What we built required the flexibility of continued growth, stability, and required custom solutions to plug into their system and internal processes. The site is also ADA-compliant and designed for full-accessibility for those with visual disabilities. The MonitorMe™ website was launched in 2019 and was met with accolades. It served the company well in their incredible growth, helping them to attract and on-boarding new customers, while also highlighting the character of their team, history and brand. We at Volum8 are grateful to have worked with a company that continues to help those in need.