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Improve your local search SEO.

As the popularity (and necessity) of local search SEO grows—especially for small and medium-sized businesses—the key to earning a spot in the local three pack and enticing searchers to choose your business is by differentiating yourself. Just a few years ago, local search SEO was relatively unheard of, with many businesses not showing up anywhere in the search results. But now, with the surge of agencies offering local search SEO and savvy local business owners catching onto the trend, local search results are becoming more crowded than ever. One easy (and fun) way to differentiate your company, communicate with your audience, and flex your creativity is by adding plenty of photos and videos to your online business listings.

Uploading—and updating—your photos and videos can accomplish many important business goals.

  • Present a portfolio of your work.
  • Answer frequently asked questions.
  • Display your company culture.

Show of your work

Your business is awesome and you produce top-of-the-line work. Now you need potential customers to see that work so they can make the best decision (which, obviously, is to choose you). No matter what industry you operate in, it is important to take pictures of your products and services. Retail stores should take pictures of their inventory, restaurants should photograph their dishes, and contractors should document the progress of their work with photos and videos. Top of the funnel consumers still researching all their options love to see what the final product or service will look like. Help them visualize using your products and working with your company by uploading photos and videos of what you offer.

Answer frequent customer questions

Business owners are experts in their field—customers not so much—which is why customers often have questions and concerns before making first-time purchases. As the owner of your business, it is your job to be knowledgeable about your industry and you need to show that off. However, when consumers perform local searches, they usually just want to know the basic stuff about your business:

  • What does the building look like outside?
  • How big is the space inside?
  • What kind of products do you sell?
  • How is the lighting?
  • Does this company look professional?
  • Do the products look professional?

These are the kinds of questions you can answer with pictures. Show your potential customers which building is yours so they can easily identify it from the street. Let them see what your products and services look like so they know you are the best choice. This is also a good way to filter prospects who may be looking for something other than what you can offer so they don’t waste their time (and yours).

Communicate your company culture

Today’s consumers want to know more about the companies they chose to do business with. They want transparency and to share similar values. This is why it is important to not only establish your company culture, but to communicate it with your customers as well. At Volum8, we always stress the importance of identifying brand archetype, tone of voice, and core values. By understanding and utilizing this knowledge, you can communicate with your target market in the way they like to communicate, which can help them chose you as the best choice. You can reflect your company culture and engage with your audience easily by uploading photos and videos showing what it’s like to work at your business. Share behind-the-scenes photos on your business listings, photos that express to your customers whether you are professional, fun, high-end, creative, etc. Running a business is time consuming and most business owners don’t have time to update social media and local business listings; however, this is such an integral piece of your marketing efforts, to miss it would be a risky bet. Your brand matters and customers today care just as much about your company culture as they do about your products and services.

Optimize your listing

The goal of any local search and SEO effort is to optimize your listing for your target audience. Give the people what they are looking for and they will keep coming back. This is what Google is looking for when its algorithm chooses who will rank high in the search results. Make sure all of your online business listings are complete, consistent, and contain enough photos and videos to answer all of your target audiences’ concerns.

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