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Why banking matters.

Empowering people is at the heart of what bankers do. They support our legacies and help us realize our dreams. They provide for us when times are hard and reward us when we’re up. They’re a critical part of our history and our future. Their work becomes the foundation we build our families and businesses upon, but that’s not the story we usually hear. We think it’s time to tell a different story.

The pursuit of a dream.

Meet Paul and his son. Paul had a stable job as a repo-man, but his neighbor was making a fortune selling real estate and Paul wanted in. He worked during the day and attended classes at night, studying hard to become a licensed realtor.

Lending a local hand.

Paul was good with his hands, but unfortunately he didn’t have the knack for persuasive selling. For nearly a year he struggled. Down on his luck, he visited a local banker, who gave him a second mortgage to keep his family afloat.

Securing the future.

Paul had taken a brave leap to follow his dream, but sadly he had to give up working in real estate and return to what he knew best. His family survived and they were able to keep their home. His son, Steve Jobs, was able to remain in Mountain View, CA, to explore his own passion.

And the rest is history…

All because of a community bank.

One of the unsung heroes of this story, is the banker who gave Steve’s father a loan when he was down on his luck. Had Paul been forced to leave Mountain View, CA, Apple Computers would have never existed… There are stories of local heroes in every community bank across America and they need to be told.

Local banks impact their communities and in some cases, the world. They empower families and businesses like ours, to grow. We’ve experienced this firsthand and are still here because of them. Now we want to return the favor.