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Great design begins with you.

Every bank has something that makes it unique; whether it is their story, leadership, or a single value. This is why we begin every web design project with Discovery. To understand and experience what makes you different. We believe it is our responsibility to listen and explore your culture, people, places and stories. These are what create great content. And great content is what drives a brilliantly designed website experience.

During the discovery process you’ll get to meet our specialists. We typically take a few days to visit your branches, speak with employees, meet customers and collaborate with you on site requirements. Once we have a clear mission and roadmap, we head back informed and inspired, ready to tell your story.

Designing strategic, emotive websites

Great design is more than just aesthetics. It is responsive, timeless, intuitive and functional. It is the intersection between creativity and practicality, rationale and intuition.

After discovery, the structure of the website is addressed, informing which content will need to be collected or created. From there, empathy helps guide the design to accurately convey your bank’s value, personality and message. Project requirements — like ADA Compliance — and customer expectations are constantly assessed throughout the process.

During the design phase, you’ll receive several iterations of sitemaps, wireframes, style guides and page mockups. While we’ll guide you through our thoughts on the user interface and experience, the best designs are a result of collaboration.

Responsive Web Design

RWD is more than a trend. It’s a necessity, and we only build websites that are responsive. Your new site will be tested in every modern browser, and across an array of physical devices. Once completed, it will work on any device or screen size, by design.

Development & Deployment

We treat the development process as an extension of our design ethos. As code is structured and adapted to the design blueprints, ideas take form in the digital domain; and you’ll see it all happen.

“Volum8 actively engaged us in developing a state-of-the-art vision for our website. They looked not only at what our competition was doing, both good and bad, but also shopped our own branches to see if we were delivering on our image to our customers. The value of that information extended far beyond the impact of the website itself.”

– John Russell, CPA

Senior Vice President & CFO of Jeff Bank

From developing to staging to production, we believe in following agile development principles with smaller cycles of iteration. This gives us the flexibility necessary to thoroughly test our code, while allowing our clients to stay up to speed on our progress. Our extensive experience with third-party interfaces within the financial industry allows us to strategize and plan for all contingencies. We’re there for you through the entire project, ready to answer any questions. We believe in phone calls and speaking in person whenever possible. We’ve got your back.

Once a site is completed with the proper approvals, we use analytics to help determine the ideal time and day to launch. This often results in an overnight event at our office, where all hands are on deck to create a smooth transition. We have a 36-point checklist for quality control that assures our sites are deployed with as few complications as possible. Typically, our clients go to sleep with their old site and wake up to their new site.

Once the new website is live and running smoothly, we gather with your staff to handoff documentation or conduct training to help them manage content. From there, introductions are made to our support and maintenance teams and a major milestone is behind us.