Sit back and enjoy the ride.

We keep things running smoothly

Owning a website is a lot like owning a car. If you don’t change your oil regularly, your car’s engine will sieze and the cost of repair will far outweigh the cost of maintenance. You can avoid all that.

Routine website maintenance ensures that your site’s core files, plugins and custom code are up to date. This helps reduce spam, or worse, the risk of hacking. It also helps site speed and performance, which is important for mobile users.

Since we only host sites built in the WordPress CMS, our expertise goes a long way. It’s like bringing your Mercedes Benz to a dealer for maintenance, rather than the auto shop around the corner. We have all the tools and diagnostics necessary to maintain and optimize WordPress sites.

Lastly, we’re here to help YOU maintain your site. Whether you need to update content, edit images or add some functionality, we’ll always be an email away and our maintenance packages offer different levels of included hours for your support requests.

ADA compliance remains a priority even after launch, as compliance rules are always changing. We keep an eye on alterations to the latest standards, keeping your site updated and in conformance, while keeping you informed of ongoing strategy.

Our Support & Maintenance Plan includes:
Web Hosting

Fast and secure hosting with daily backups, staging, CDN and SSL.

Minor Adjustments

Request content updates to keep your site fresh and save you time.

WordPress Core

Updates to the WordPress core keep security risks at a minimum.

Bug Fixes

Find a bug? It happens. We’ll make sure it disappears for good.

WP Plugin Updates

All plugins are updated regularly to keep site functions intact.

Monthly Reporting

Keep an eye on the health of your site and see what’s getting done.