Beneath the surface of ADA.

It’s nearly impossible to know how deep ADA compliance issues are until you conduct an audit of the content and code for your current website. There are many development firms that can run an audit, but not all of them look deep enough. A professional audit will identify, in detail, the next steps to becoming ADA compliant. From there, you should receive an estimate of what it will cost and how long it will take before your website is compliant.

PLEASE NOTE: No matter what some companies claim, bringing your website to a AA rating is a “hands-on” process. It cannot be completely automated with javascript overlays, etc. It takes a real live human to test, interpret and correct errors in code. After all, it’s human users that we are considering here.

Introducing the Volum8
WCAG 2.0 Audit

Our audits include:

All website modifications required for remediation

Exact costs and date at which you will be compliant

Ongoing support and maintenance options

An unbiased recommendation for your next step

Straight forward costs.

Our WCAG 2.0 website audit costs $3,000 and takes on average 14 days to complete. If you need your report sooner, we can expedite the audit for an additional fee. Keep in mind, the cost of the audit is credited toward remediation, if you decide to work with us further.

If you’re considering remediation for your website (which is a really good idea!) then you may want to see how we can help you go beyond ADA. Or if you’re ready to move forward, the button below will get you started.