Banking & ADA-compliant sites are our specialty

We’ve worked on a variety of projects here at Volum8 over the years, from branding start-ups to designing immersive interactive sites for private individuals. But our projects in the financial industry have always held a special place in our hearts. Here are just a few of the clients we’ve served related to banking, as well as other ADA-compliant projects.

ValueBank Texas

ValueBank Texas is a $210M+ asset community bank located in Corpus Christi, TX. When faced with a demand letter to bring their website up to ADA compliance, VBT approached us at a community banking convention in Upstate NY. After our initial conversations, we quickly discovered that there was an opportunity to build way more than an ADA compliant website for them. By meeting their team in person through our discovery process, we identified that each branch has their own local flair and personality, which helped us to build a unique website that truly markets people, not products.

Jeff Bank

Jeff Bank is a $500M+ asset community bank nestled in the foothills of the Catskills. Just shy of their 100th birthday, Jeff approached us to update an aging website with a more modern, mobile-friendly one. From strategy to execution, the new site has set a new standard for how other local community banks approach their digital presence. We custom-built unique features for the site, from calculators to account comparison tables. The site has since proven to become one of the bank’s biggest assets.

Country Bank

Country Bank came to us as the small community bank with ambition, fighting for attention in a field of bigger players. They had the pedigree–decades of tradition in upstate New York–but now they’d opened a new branch in the heart of Manhattan and needed to make themselves known. We were given a blank canvas and asked to build a highly focused microsite attuned to their new branch near Grand Central. We designed the site and wrote copy using Country Bank’s history, highlighting their personal touch to set them apart from more corporate competitors. Mostly, we just told their story. And what a story to tell.

New Hope

New Hope Community is an organization that provides support through a residential setting for individuals with developmental and other disabilities. Located in Loch Sheldrake, NY, the organization supports 200+ people. Our challenge was to create a website that not only met the stringent standards of ADA compliance, but was visually pleasing and user friendly. We also designed a custom back-end where the organization could monitor donations and internal actions. Once finished, the site was met with enthusiasm from the community, and most importantly to us, the residents of New Hope Community.