Setting the scene

Vine Van Gogh, an emerging leader in “Sip and Paint“ events, came to us in full-blown expansion mode. They were doing things better than their numerous competitors. Their current customers knew it. And now they wanted the world to know (or, to start, at least the entire Hudson Valley). So we set forth imagining a new website, which would rely heavily on e-commerce and usability. The result was an elegant interface with an interactive map, filtering options galore, blazing fast mobile responsivity and a bright fresh personality. Our extensive user research (hours upon hours) revealed a particular target demographic, which directed us to a simpler user interface and more intuitive user experience. The end result? Well, check it out for yourself. Just mind the paintings. We took great pains to hang them straight.

Launch date

April 2016

Skills Employed

User Testing
Competitor Analysis
Full-Width Video Background
Custom WordPress Development
Antique Frame Restorationpictureframe

Fueled by

Ceremony Destroyer Espresso
La Colombe San Roque Reserve
Labuda Custom Blend